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Campomar de Santo Domingo

Bed and breakfast with Campomar de Santo Domingo is a family house offering accommodation with complimentary breakfast. It is a facility that offers comfortably furnished rooms with private bath, cable TV, wi fi throughout the hotel and free parking.

Bed and Breakfast Santo Domingo is located in the Commune Rocas de Santo Domingo Park, just minutes from Tricao park where you can do adventure sports like Canopy and kayaking, biking, hiking, near the condo Las Brisas de Santo Domingo where you can practice golf.
In a cozy and pleasant environment we offer the ideal place to spend your holiday, weekend trips or business trips instead.
Santo Domingo is a commune of the central coast of Chile that is located on the south bank of the mouth of the Rio Maipo in the Pacific Ocean, in the Province of San Antonio.

It is a resort famous for its rocks, its beach three waves and dark sand, and golf club. Their summer homes have manicured gardens and squares abundant vegetation. Its beach, 20 kilometers long, is the largest in the Central Coast. In the rockery of La Puntilla is the ancient Sunstone, or Intihuatana, which apparently was a symbol of worship of the Incas.
Also in Santo Domingo can be made related to nature as knowing the Maipo River Wetland Park and make bird watching and hiking activities.